Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Tramways Theatre Glasgow

Work in progress. Gives you an idea of scale
Many Styles Crew - from top, Kiwi, Elph and Mie One
VK crew - from top, Synk, Ase, Lyken, Rais

The tramways event was organised by Eez, who also put on the Livingston Jam in 1994 (more to come from that jam soon). The wall featured a whole host of Scottish Writers and is probably still the biggest wall ever painted top to bottom in Scotland.

I have a connector of the full wall which i will post once a have taken into photoshop and cleaned up a bit. The lighting in the hall was really shit and so was my camera. I dont know anyone who has any nice flix of this wall, but if you do, then please send them through so i can share them - scottishgraffiti@yahoo.com. Not 100% sure of the year but.....

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EEZ said...

Yeah the lighting wasn't the best in the Tramway. Think there was about 5 panels worth of space? A lot happened around this session - too much too mention here.

Was good to see everyone who made the effort though. Scaffolding is a struggle at the best of times.

The French breaker was quality.